About Me

Hi, I’m Vinayak. Most of my friends call me Vin.

In Dawki, Meghalaya, Northeast India

I’ve grown up in a family that was involved in the travel industry. So jumping on a plane or train and visiting different places is in my blood. And spending a year as cabin crew travelling to destinations in all corners of the globe only made my appetite for travel grow exponentially.

Home for me is not a single place. Home is Chennai, India where I was born and where half of my family still live. Home is Colombo, Sri Lanka where I spent the first 17 years of my life and where my father still lives. Home is also London, where I currently live. And hopefully, I will find some element of home in every place I visit.

My mission is simple. I love exploring; discovering the charm of a different time and place, and finding those subtle elements that ultimately make us far more similar that we imagine. So Iโ€™m setting off on an A to Z journey: visiting every country in the world, one at a time. Right now Iโ€™ll be doing this while working in London, but one day hopefully, Iโ€™ll get the chance to do this full time.

I’ve given myself the deadline of trying to finish this before Dec 2027. That’s a decade from 2018, when I set myself this goal. I’m open to any and all ideas and suggestions – email me anytime, or find me on Instagram (@atoz.journey). Join me for the ride!

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