About Me

Hi, I’m Vinayak. Most of my friends call me Vin.

In Dawki, Meghalaya, Northeast India

I’ve grown up in a family that was involved in the travel industry. So jumping on a plane or train and visiting different places is in my blood. And spending a year as cabin crew travelling to destinations in all corners of the globe only made my appetite for travel grow exponentially.

Home for me is not a single place. Home is Chennai, India where I was born and where half of my family still live. Home is Colombo, Sri Lanka where I spent the first 17 years of my life and where my father and oldest friends still live. Home is also London, where I currently live. And my hope is that I will find some element of home in every place I visit.

My mission is simple. I love exploring; discovering the charm of a different time and place, and finding those subtle elements that ultimately make us far more similar that we imagine. So I’m setting off on an ‘A to Z journey‘: visiting every country in the world, one at a time. Right now I’ll be doing this while working in London, but one day hopefully, I’ll get the chance to do this full time.

I’ve given myself the deadline of trying to finish this before Oct 2030. That’s by the time I complete 40 years on this planet. I know many things can change, and I might not be able to control what happens, but it’s nice to have dreams and think big. To start with, I’m hoping to finish all countries in Europe by April 2021. I’m open to any and all ideas – email me anytime, or find me on Instagram (@atoz.journey). Join me for the ride!

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